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about nagasiddhi

My father would tell a tale of when he was a child. His family were very poor and he had few toys. As a treat, once in a while, his father would turn the kitchen table upside down, tie a broom to one of the legs and hang a sheet on it as a sail. My father and his siblings would then climb in to this vessel and sail away to distant lands.

So, a table can be a table, and also a boat, and a timeless image of freedom and adventure. I hope to recreate in my art work this way of being in the world where the mundane and the mythic can co-exist without contradiction. This could be called relating to the world with “Soul”.

In the work itself I usually incorporate a combination of original hand-made components and at times some found objects. The original elements are deliberately aged in some way to integrate them with the found objects. At times, I can be a little too successful in this process and viewers can have the impression that I only assemble pre-made elements.

My art work helps me re-imagine and re-image myself and re-enchant my relationship to the world. I hope to inspire others to do the same.


All works are for sale, please me contact via the ‘contact’ page on this site for prices and more details.