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about naga siddhi

My father would tell a tale of when he was a child. His family were very poor and he had few toys. As a treat, once in a while, his father would turn the kitchen table upside down, tie a broom to one of the legs and hang a sheet on it as a sail. My father and his siblings would then climb in to this vessel and sail away to distant lands.

So, a table can be a table, and also a boat, and a timeless image of freedom and adventure. I hope to recreate in my art work this way of being in the world where the mundane and the mythic can co-exist without contradiction. This could be called relating to the world with “Soul”.

The artworks themselves are mainly constructed in wood, but I will use any material that I feel is appropriate.  I draw upon images that appear in my imagination that often have a poetic dreamlike quality.  I enjoy manifesting these images in the world through working with my hands to create physical objects that I hope also have a certain ‘magic’ about them. Through the act of making I find the image, associations and possible meanings, will reveal themselves more fully.

In terms of the look and feel of the work, traditional ‘folk’ art and handmade old toys particularly inspire me. When finishing the work, I like to create the sense that the sculptures, like old toys, have had a previous life and have accumulated the marks of time. I can sometimes be a little too successful in this process and viewers can have the impression that I only assemble pre-made elements.

One viewer once described my work to me as “whimsical, but it makes you think.” I hope that, beneath their playful appearance, I create images that resonate with others on a deeper level. Making images helps me re-imagine and re-image myself and re-enchant my relationship to the world. I hope to inspire others to do the same.

All works are for sale. Prices currently range between £450 to £1,450.  Please me contact via the ‘contact’ page on this site for specific prices and for more details.